Immediate Actions

We will constitute and charge a University Task Force to address antisemitism.
Reporting to the President, the Task Force will include faculty, staff, student, and alumni leaders. The Task Force will be expected to engage broadly with the goal of advising the President on the University’s ongoing efforts to combat antisemitism. Mark Wolff, Morton Amsterdam Dean of the School of Dental Medicine, will chair the Task Force. We are actively working to identify additional Task Force members and expect the Task Force to begin meeting in early November. 

The President and Provost will convene a Student Advisory Group focused on the Jewish student experience at Penn. 
The advisory group will meet, at a minimum, quarterly and will be structured as an opportunity for the President and Provost to hear directly from Jewish students about their experience on campus, and will further build on conversations with University leaders, including the President, have had with Jewish students on campus. The advisory group will be constituted prior to Thanksgiving Break, and the first meeting will occur this semester. 

We will develop and advance partnerships with campus-based, and local, regional, and national organizations to counter antisemitism on college campuses.
Penn is actively partnering with the American Jewish Committee (AJC), a leading global organization that is focused on countering antisemitism. University leadership will identify opportunities to strengthen Penn’s relationship with campus centers for religious life. We will actively pursue and evaluate additional external partnerships to ensure Penn is enacting proactive measures to combat antisemitism. 

Medium Term Actions

The Task Force, Student Advisory Group, our partners, and the entire Penn community will provide critical feedback that will shape our ongoing efforts. We fully expect and invite the Penn community to provide feedback as we strive to counter antisemitism, and to combat all forms of hate and bigotry.